Book covers I’ve illustrated for self-publishers

Self-publishing has been a market for me as an illustrator before I knew it existed. Since about 2008 I’ve been approached by self-publishing authors looking for custom illustrated book covers, and they’ve been among my best clients. There is a misconception that self-publishers
Im Eisland cover vol. 2

I drew a graphic novel / comic / manga about the Franklin Expedition

I drew a graphic novel / comic / manga about the Franklin Expedition In spring of 1845, a British expedition with two ships named Erebus and Terror left for the Arctic. Led by captain Sir John Franklin, the goal of the Franklin Expedition was to complete a Northwest Passage from

The Simplest Way To Calculate Your Prices

It’s obvious, but knowing what to charge for your work is crucial if you want to make a living from illustration. Many beginners undercharge, as I did when I was starting out. The fact was I didn’t have to rely on the freelance income; I was still a highschool student

How To Find Freelance Illustration Work – Part Two

In Part One of this article I talked about the „passive“ way to find freelance work: making it easy for potential clients to find you. Here, I’ll talk about the „active“ way – how you can seek out freelance work from your own initiative. Only a small number well-known

How To Find Freelance Illustration Work – Part One

Unless you’re already a well-known illustrator it can be tough to find work that allows you to earn a living, even with a solid portfolio and professional attitude – in this article I’m going to assume you already have those basics covered. Promoting ourselves is something we

Illustration Crowdsourcing – A Century Ago

If you’re an illustrator or designer you’re probably familiar with „contests“ or „test work“ where a company or individual asks for designs or illustrations to be done on a speculative basis. No payment is agreed upon, no contract drawn up beforehand, and in some countries the

How Not to Screw Up Your Art Scholarship Application

There are literally thousands of available scholarships, awards and grants out there, for both art students and professional artists alike, in all fields of art: writing, painting, sculpture, dance, acting, music, ballet, photography… This mere fact is a revelation for many. You

How To Improve Your Art

„How do I improve my art work?“ is one of the most asked questions in art related forums, mainly regarding drawing and painting in any media. Because the question is recurring so often, I wrote the following tips that I still copy-paste in various threads. You can apply these

Clearing up a myth about Angel Academy

Every now and then I receive e-mails from people who consider studying at Angel Academy of Art in Florence, and they usually have the same major, totally valid concerns: 1) whether the school is right for them 2) how hard it will be to get accepted at Angel Academy There seems to

Top Seven Mistakes Made by Aspiring Illustrators

I’m still at the beginning of my fulltime freelance illustration career but there are a few things I wish I had known sooner, ideally right from the start. Having done my first commissioned illustrations at age 16 there was plenty of time to learn these following things. This